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New Yorker writer Maria Konnikova keeps winning at poker

“They think that I’m going to fold, that I’m going to be soft, that I’m an easy target, and that frankly I should be in the kitchen and not at the poker table,” she says.   Bradley has observed Konnikova often disarming opponents through her initial chatter and friendliness. “I think players quickly learn that’s she’s really, really good and if you don’t respect her you’re going to regret it quickly.” Part of Konnikova’s enjoyment of the game comes from how much it challenges her and pushes her to grow. “Nothing has given me that amount of fulfilment, except for writing.” She says the hardest thing people aren’t prepared for when it comes to professional poker is the sheer amount of work and preparation. “They just want the shortcut to winning. And there is no shortcut, just like in writing.” “People who want to get into it because they think it’s easy money are absolutely insane. It’s some of the most difficult money in the world.” Still, Konnikova has developed a genuine passion for the game and a belief that its lessons can be beneficial to everyone. “I think the world would be really better off if all kids learned how to play poker, honestly,” she says. “It teaches risk, self-control, emotion management, all of these skills you need to get through life.” As for the future, and whether she’s considering switching to a life as a pro poker player full-time after the completion of the book, Konnikova’s answer was an emphatic no.

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